Whole Milk Belongs in Pennsylvania Schools, Stambaugh Says
HARRISBURG – The House of Representatives today passed legislation that would allow school boards or administrators to purchase whole or 2% Pennsylvania milk and make it available to students, according to Rep. Perry Stambaugh (R-Perry/Cumberland), who supported the measure.

House Bill 2397 would circumvent Obama Administration-era measures that limited school lunch options to fat-free flavored milk, fat-free white milk, and 1% white milk. According to the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board, student milk consumption dropped 35% when flavored whole milk was taken out of schools.

“Drinking whole milk is integral for childhood development, and children are routinely tossing the chalky skim milk they currently get in schools,” Stambaugh said. “Not only are there zero nutritional benefits from milk that goes into a trash can, but also Pennsylvania’s dairy producers feel the financial pinch. I’m hopeful this measure will provide a boost to our hard-working dairy producers and foster a new generation of healthy kids who drink milk.”

House Bill 2397, which is supported by the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, goes to the Senate for its consideration.

Representative Perry Stambaugh
86th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jennifer Fitch