Feb. 03, 2021

HARRISBURG – Rep. Perry Stambaugh (R-Perry/Cumberland) expressed frustration Wednesday following the governor’s budget proposal address, saying the administration should be more focused on vaccine distribution than a dead-on-arrival plan to raise Personal Income Taxes on working Pennsylvanians.

“It is ridiculous to think the governor wants to raise Personal Income Taxes this year, considering many of the Commonwealth’s small business owners pay those taxes and he shut down those very businesses twice in 2020,” Stambaugh said.

Stambaugh said a House Health Committee meeting Wednesday morning highlighted glaring deficiencies in the state’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan. The state ranks 44th in distribution among the 50 states per an assessment by BeckersHospitalReview.com.

“The governor needs to be much more focused on getting shots into Pennsylvanians’ arms than raising the taxes for individuals,” he said. “The Health Department has failed to articulate why additional providers cannot be authorized to administer vaccine, rather than completely overwhelm the few providers who are authorized thus far. I’ve heard from so many pharmacists and health-care providers in the 86th District that the current methods of allocating doses, scheduling appointments and administering vaccine are untenable. I’ll be doing my part to craft a budget that supports workers, not harms them.”

Representative Perry Stambaugh
86th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jennifer Fitch
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